MadAdsMedia: Advertising Network

For your website or blog’s online advertising needs, you’ll want to learn more about the company known as MadAdsMedia. MadAdsMedia offers high industry CPMs and superior customer service. As a top marketing network, MadAds works with the most reputable advertisers to optimize ads on your website or blog. If you want to make money via ads, MadAds will assist you with all of your ad placement needs. As a website owner or blogger, you will be guaranteed to have a full advertising inventory for your sites. MadAds ensures its publishers a quality inventory of ads that will generate valuable revenue for the web properties.


Choose to work with MadAdsMedia for your website advertising needs!

Key features of MadAdsMedia includes; allowing 4 ads units per page, running with additional Ad Networks, having quality CPM rates in comparison to other Ad Networks, having a skilled customer support team, offering simple payment methods, providing updated reports after 48 hours.

A smart alternative to Google AdSense, MadAdsMedia has a much simpler application process and higher acceptance rates than Adsense. To earn approval from MadAds, you’ll need a website with a decent amount of traffic so that the ads on your website get more viewership and therefore earn you revenue!

MadAds takes pride in its team and its unparalleled level of customer service. Madads assigns a trained and experienced account manager to each of its publishers to manage and make sure the ads are correctly optimized for the publishers’ sites and profiles.

MadAds follows a specific process to ensure the ads on your sites guarantee you the most revenue:

Step 1: 100’s of ad networks, exchanges, and RTB advertisers bid for the your website’s inventory.

Step 2: The MadAds optimization technology compares the ad providers.

Step 3: The MadAds technology chooses the ad provider with the highest CPM.

Step 4: This chosen ad is placed on your website or blog.

Step 5: Your website begins earning a much higher revenue and overall CPM.

To learn more about MadAdsMedia and its ad network, please email! MadAds will answer all of your questions about their services and its ad placement strategies and its process!